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The Value of Education

How we think to be helpful to our customers to get a new route?

By providing a specialist assistance service, that allows our customers to increase the performance in order to be proud of the work that has been done.


We have achieved a specific route to carry out  tangible results:


1-Support  through joint  theoretical and practical training and further education courses , in collaboration with the most influential dentistry opinion leaders.

2-Professional advice services for the support of the dentistry business development, thanks to the OSMM partnership, one of the most important Italian company of medical management consulting.

3-Development of medical and scientific research project aimed at the optimization about  the clinical outcome.

Welcome in ITS®

ITS Italy® deals with the design, development and distribution of certified, high precision, implant components, recently we have started a new process to help dentists to find solutions that permit to doing a better business in order to improving the quality of patients’ life.


Our mission guide: continually increasing the quality of our products  and researching the most advanced technology solutions.


ITS Italy® supplies an excellent service,  we understand, anticipate and meet the need of professionals with the shared aim of obtaining the satisfaction, and smile of your patients.

Quality of Service


Technical and trade support, we providing our partners and customers with all around assistance including technical consulting before and after sales service, guaranteeing complete clinical, technical and logistical support.


Quick and flexible service, guaranteeing delivery of materials ordered within 24 hours of order confirmation.

In urgent cases we could arrange an express delivery.

Our current products offer includes:

1-    Our dental implant line ITS® that ca be configured with three different types of prosthetic engagement: internal connection, external connection and conical coupling.



2-    A complete range of tissue regeneration and furthermore we exclusively offer a method of process cell separators and PRP.



3-    Bone and tissue management correlate with the most modern technical of implant and prosthetic rehabilitation.


 ITS Italy® certifies that the full range of medical devices described above are CE marked , carried out in accordance with the requirement of Directive93/42/EC implemented by Legislative Decree.n.46 of 24/02/97 and subsequent amendments and are complied with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.